Pre owned cars buying tips

Buying previously owned car helps saving a lot of money as compared to a new car. However, while going to invest into pre owned car one must be careful and be absolutely sure about the vehicle. A car which has undergo some kind of a damage or accident must be avoided at all costs even if it being given away at a much lower price. Buying a previously owned car means less peace of mind due to the uncertainties that come along with it.

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Here is a list of tips one must take into account while buying pre owned cars:

  • Research extensively about the car – It is recommended to make an extensive search about the background history of the car that you desire to buy. For this it is better to check the vehicle’s history report. Reading this report you will be getting a clear idea whether the pre owned car you are willing to purchase has gone through any kind of accident or damage whether it is small, medium or large.
  • A reliable trustworthy mechanic must then check the car – Once the background history of the pre owned car comes out to be clean, the next task is to be sure about the quality of the car. Call up a very reliable, efficient and trustworthy mechanic from any known source and ask him to do a thorough checking of this car. An expert eye will easily catch whether the car has gone any internal damage. Even if the history of the car is clean does not mean that the car is running good. The mechanic will help you ascertain this.
  • Check the title – Title checks are performed on car odometers. An odometer even if its digital can be turned back and one can make a title check to see whether the mileage reported by the previous owner is accurate. If you find that the odometer reading is coming out to be lower than what has been reported then it is advisable not to purchase a car where such tampering has been made.
  • A certified pre owned car is the best choice – If you are purchasing a pre owned car from an auto showroom then it is better to buy a car which has a certification. A certification given to a car means it has passed all the tests performed while inspected as per the standards of the industry. These certified cars also come with a warranty so under a particular time span it will protect your investment in case of a mechanical breakdown. Usually the time of such warranty is up to two hours from the date of purchase.
  • Extended warranty – If any cars do not come with a certification and you still want to buy it, then it is recommended to purchase an extended warranty for the car. These warranties are paid ones and cost approximately few hundred or thousands of dollars. They will be protecting you for two to three years until the tenure runs out.
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