What Does Bike Insurance Policy Cover?

There are hardly any youngsters on the street these days who do not own a two wheeler. The new in thing this century is owning a nice and flashy pair of wheels for the street. But with the increase of sale in bikes another thing which has also increased is the amount of road accidents. It is said that these days youngsters die more of accidents than of actual natural causes. Thus arises the need for an insurance policy on the bike.

Bike Insurance

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But it is very important to know what a proper bike policy covers before actually purchasing one.

  • Bodily injury – An insurance plan covers any bodily injury which has been made to the rider. The injury may be as small as him fracturing or breaking his arm to as big as hi, actually losing his arm and becoming permanently disabled.
  • Property damage – Bike insurance also covers any damage made to property during the time of the accident. So if one’s bike has crashed into somebody else’s shop or window the bike insurance is liable to cover that.
  • Theft – One very important thing which a bike insurance readily covers is loss caused due to theft. So in case your bike get’s stolen you may very well be eligible to make a claim for insurance.
  • Damage to the vehicle itself – it is a bike insurance policy so it is kind of a given that it will cover all the damages that has been made to your vehicle.
  • Repairing parts – In case during the accident some parts of your vehicle has been damaged, for example say the brakes of your vehicle has been damaged. A bike insurance is liable to repair that part as well, they might as well because without the brakes you might get into another accident altogether.
  • Medical coverage – it is a little known fact that a bike insurance covers the medical expenditures of the person riding the bike in case he or she gets injured during the accident. So with an insurance to cover your expenses you can easily relax in an hospital bed and concentrate on getting better and not on how you will ever manage to pay the hospital charges.

Thus the heads covered by a bike insurance is varied.

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Considering the various number of accidents bike riders get into whether it be due to careless driving of oneself or someone else, getting an insurance done is something which is always advised. For if by any chance, unfortunately the rider loses his life in the accident the nominee of the rider has full right to claim the insurance money. And in case the rider was the sole bread earner of the family that money provides a huge boost to their financial situation. Also for a new rider his bike is everything and thus seeing it get damaged and stay damaged is something he will not want and instead of asking money from parents he can just claim the insurance amount and be done with it.

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