How to Select a Vehicle Carrier

To ship your vehicle, you need to get quotes from at least a few transport companies. Selecting the winning bid depends on choosing the vehicle transporter with whom you are most comfortable.


After you get bids from various carriers, you may need to make your decision on the carrier, in a reasonably short time. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right carrier:

  • Know your requirements: Estimate what kind of service you need and ensure that the carrier you choose offers this kind of service. For one, know the dimensions of the vehicle, height, weight, width, etc. Secondly, consider whether you need door to door, or terminal to terminal service. Also, choose between open and closed transport.
  • Communicate with transporters: Use the question and answer functions of the load boards, which connect you to carriers and understand all aspects and issues before you make a booking.
  • Ascertain DOT and MC numbers of all carriers: All vehicle transporters are required to be registered and have both DOT (Dept of Transport) and MC (Motor Carrier) numbers, which are active. You will be assured of licensing and high quality of service with registered transporters. You can do a double check on these criteria on the profile page of the carrier, by clicking on the hyperlink. Registered carriers uphold very high standards and you also need to seek high quality. Some rudimentary research will save you from major headaches in the long run.
  • Consider insurance: Check insurance cover and liability offered by the carrier on their profile page. All carriers are mandated to have insurance. Insurance information is usually provided in the profile page of most carriers. Because the insurance cover may vary, it is vital to get a written record of the coverage offered by a transporter. Such information is not too much to ask and no reputed carrier will hesitate to provide this information. Majority of insurance companies will not cover car in transit. Hence, you must check with your insurance company whether they have rider policies. What is most crucial is that you read all fine print like all aspects of contract, monetary transactions and insurance.
  • Feedback: Check customer feedback on carrier’s profile. The rating provided by former customers will reveal the expertise, experience and safety record of the carrier.

These are some aspects you should take care of while hiring vehicle shipping services. If you follow these tips, hardly anything will go wrong with your vehicle shipping.

Author: He is employed as a sales executive in an online load board company. As such, he knows the ins and outs of the transport industry. He makes valuable contribution to websites such as

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