Pre owned Car Loans Process in HDFC Bank

You want to buy used car but some finical problem you can’t buy used car , bust currently period HDFC bank approving pre card owned lone or account holder but some condition you should follow until approving car Loan.

HDFC Charges :

  • six per of From 1st EMI and within 1 year 6 per Principal Outstanding.
  • Cheque swapping Fees : Rs. 500/-
  • Final Payment Penalty : 2% per month
  • Processing Charges : 2% of loan amount for Used car
  • Special NOC : 600 Rs
  • CIBIL Charges : 100 Rs

You know HDFC Bank some exclusive features and benefits for Pre-owned Car Loan

1) Car must is manufactured in Indian Country

2) 80 per borrow of the car value

3) Flexible repayment option from 60 month.

4) Car models at attractive interest rates.

5) easy EMIs repayment

6) Excellent privileges for Bank account holders ( Only HDFC)

7) Maximum Pre-owned Car Loan tenure of 60 months.

How to Get Used car loan from HDFC Bank :

Salaried employee FOR Some condition:

  • After 21 year then he can submit application and Maximum 65 above can’t apply for this Loan
  • He did complete 2 year with current employer
  • Annually Income 1 Lak
  • Residence proof

Documents Need :

  • Age Proof: PAN Card, Voters ID card, Photo driving license.
  • Identity Proof : Passport copy, PAN Card.
  • Income Proof: Latest salary slip with latest form 16 ITR.
  • Address Proof:   Telephone bill, Electricity bill, Credit Card statement.

Sign Verification Proof: Passport copy, Photo driving license with birth date.

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