CNG and LPG fitted car for care tips

CNG and LPG cars have a misconception associated with it that a well fitted car factory kit can solve all its problems and the car owner is saved from all responsibilities. It is a wrong concept. Generally, a car is ought to be running on petrol or diesel. Hence, to take care of cars fitted with CNG or LPG, some special care must be taken.



Care to be taken for CNG and LPG fitted vehicles:-

  • Petrol based driving – A very smart way to take care of the car is to initially begin running it on petrol even if it as low as a kilometer. The car CNG kit might allow you to use it on CNG. But, it is a good practice to first run it using petrol. This will help in lubricating the car engine. As a result the rate of wear and tear caused will be much less. This in turn means longer life of the car engine.
  • Frequent servicing of the car – Servicing of the car is mandatory to ensure that the vehicle is in good shape for long. Some parts which are perishable like the air filters get affected a lot when a car runs on CNG and LPG. If a car has been running on the roads over 15,000 kilometers then it must be serviced at regular intervals. This will help avoid accidental engine stoppage due to damage of car parts.
  • CNG tuning – It is recommended to get the tuning of the CNG car kit gets done by a professional. For cars where CNG and LPG is factory fitted it is important to take assistance from an authorized service centre. If the person working on the car tuning is not qualified then the car can develop problems like missing accelerations or vibrations in the engine.
  • Spark plug replacements – The spark plugs in a car is generally meant for those which runs on petrol. When a car runs on CNG it wears out fast. One can hence use spark plugs which are specifically designed for CNG and LPG based cars. These are easily affordable. Another option is to ask your car mechanic for reducing the space which lies in between the plug metal tip and the actual spark source.
  • Do not drive when tank is empty
    It is a bad practice to drive when you are aware that the tank of the car is going empty. It can cause serious damage to life. The CNG cylinder can explode. Hence it is important to replace the valve regularly. The expenses involved to replace this valve depend on what type of car kit you own.
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Avoid being aggressive
It is recommended to not undergo rapid acceleration and then suddenly causing a braking. This reduces the level of mileage by 10%. It is important to use the car speed mentioned in the manual of the car as an ideal speed. However, one can increase the speed when on highway.

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