Top 10 Best Personal Accident Insurance Policy

A personal accident insurance policy is one which provides monetary help when it comes to bodily injuries. It is a varied concept which provide coverage from small fractures to even serious cases where the person concerned has passed away.



In a personal accident insurance policy the seriousness of the situation is not assessed. The situation may be a simple one and may even be a very serious one, either way the company is liable to provide insurance to the person concerned.

The things included in the personal accident insurance policy plan are,

  • Total Permanent Disability Benefit – This benefit, as literal to its name, provides 100% return of the insurance amount in case the person concerned has gotten into a serious accident and has lost something very important, be it the ability to walk or see etc.
  • Permanent Partial Disability – This benefit only allows a part of the sum to be paid and the payment of the amount depends on the type of injury which has been caused. For example a person who has lost his limbs will get 100% compensation whereas a person who has lost his speech will get 50%.
  • Accidental Death Benefit – This benefit also ensures you 100% compensation for the person concerned has passed away in the accident and thus the nominee of the person can very well claim the full amount on his behalf.
  • Temporary Partial Benefit – This includes a fixed periodical payment. This basically comes to play when the injury is not that serious, for example if the person concerned has broken his limbs and has to stay in the hospital for a year then a certain amount of money will be paid to him monthly for a span of twelve months instead of in one go.

Now that we know the things which a personal accident policy includes it is also important to know why it is such an important policy to have.

  • Firstly it takes care of you there is a sense of security you are bound to feel if you are insured.
  • This insurance takes care of the financial condition of your family for a while in case you lose your life in an accident.
  • No extra penny needs to be spent while you are in the hospital recovering from your accident.

There are many good companies out there which provide you with this insurance policy and the 10 of the very best are,

  • Apollo Munich Personal Accident Plan
  • Bajaj Allianz Personal Guide Plan
  • HDFC Ergo Personal Protect Policy
  • ICICI Lombard Personal Protect Policy
  • Max Bupa Health Assurance
  • National Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Plan
  • Star Health Accident Care Plan
  • TATA AIG Income Guard Policy
  • United India Personal Accident Insurance Policy
  • Future Generali Accident Suraksha

If not from the above but you can choose from a varied range of companies which will provide you with such an insurance policy.

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