List of bad used cars 2013

When you buy Used car that time some point consider like Engine parts are ? available in the market. Many car owner are tired to buy new parts but some problem so old car parts not available in the market so I sow online Consumer Reports. The Consumer Reports in mention which car not good for buying and what is exact problem of old cars, below box in we have to describe read and share.

Car Name and Model Year

Real Problem

BMW 335i – 2007-2010

Fuel pump, fuel injection

Chevrolet Silverado – 2003-2006

4WD system

Dodge Grand Caravan – 2003-2006

Power steering, tie rod, water pump

Ford F-150 V8 –  2003-2007

Brakes, 4WD system

Ford Focus – 2003-2006

Alternator, ignition, battery

Jeep Grand Cherokee – 2005-2006

Slipping transmission, locks, windows

Honda Accord V6 – 2003-2004

Transmission failure

Nissan Altima – 2003-2005

Catalytic converter, O2 sensor, stalling engine

Subaru Forester – 2003-2007

Head gasket failure

Toyota Camry  – 2007-2009

Water pump

Above box in we have to describe real problem of car, so before buying used car read model and car name.

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