Car accident insurance claim time limit



On the eve of a car accident one does not want to wait for long period for filing an insurance claim settlement with the insurance company. Many times, the injuries caused due to a car accident takes time to become prominent. It can be several months after which one can realise the loss or damage incurred due to the accident. Hence, one must be thinking whether it has become quite late for filing the claim.

A car accident requires you to maintain a very good relation and communication with the insurance company.  One might feel the immediate pressure to file the claim almost instantly so that the company does not deny settling the claim. However one must know that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. To try filing a claim with the insurance company too fast is actually causing benefits to the company. As a hasty claim settlement means low payouts made. The insurance company will be relieved to pay out less value which would have otherwise increased in few months. Hence, the best recommended step is to wait a bit. As per law one can settle a claim from two to four years after an accident happens.

One must be aware of the concept of supplement claims. As said above we all are aware that the outcome and effects of a car accident does not appear instantly in totality. Sometimes, it can take a month to even a year to find out the real amount of damage that has happened. A small neck pain which you experienced due to a car accident can turn to a serious internal injury in few weeks or months. Hence, time must be given to analyse the exact nature and amount of damage. One can file something called additional claims. These additional claims are an extension to the original claim filed. They are usually governed by the insurance company. One must check with the company to understand the time coverage of such supplemental claims.

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Most of the insurance policies will not have a time span during which one is required to file a claim. Most of these companies will insist on asking the individual to file the claim as promptly as it is possible. However there is no disadvantage in filing a prompt claim. In regards to medical problems only, one must wait few weeks or months to file the claim. Since the symptoms that emerge from an accident injury takes time to show itself. For medical payments a claim can be made within three years of time from when the accident has occurred.

Suppose one waits for a very long time for filing an insurance claim when an accident happens. One must be sure of the precautionary steps that were installed in the vehicle from beforehand to avoid an accident. The insurance company will verify whether the car has safety measures preinstalled in it. A negligent owner will not be paid the actual amount if the company finds out discrepancies.

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