Best Car Insurance company for Zero Dep Cover

The zero dep car policy or zero depreciation coverage does not factor the depreciation and provides a complete coverage to the car. It means, if there is an accident then the entire cost involved in it will be settled by the insurer to the car owner. Especially if one is new to driving or has purchased a brand new car, then it is always recommended to opt for zero dep car insurance policies as new drivers are more prone to cause collisions. There are numerous car insurance companies in India which provides such insurance coverage. 


Some of the best car insurance company offering zero dep covers for cars:-


  • NIC or the National Insurance Company Limited
    Owned by the state this general insurance firm has set a benchmark in the field of car insurances in our country. When compared with all the other automobile car insurance companies in India, the NIC is considered to be the most popular one. It allows zero dep car insurance coverage to the consumers. The policies offered are extremely consumer friendly and has varied features providing 100% coverage or protection to your vehicle. It offers safeguard for situations like damage of the car, theft, accidents, injury, loss of the property or a death of the other third person. The entire process of acquiring or claiming the policy is extremely simple.
  • ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance –
    In the private automobile insurance sector, the ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance has been tagged to be the largest and best service provider company. Their approach is high end and their customer service is praiseworthy. The turnaround time given by the company for queries and request of customers are really quick. The zero depreciation car coverage provided by the company is applicable on all the parts of the automobile. The endorsement however, applies to the primary two car claims that come under the period of policy coverage. One can contact their customer care or online support to get detailed information about the zero dep coverage.
  • United India Car Insurance
    The company has a long experience of over seven decades.  The company has a high stake in the field of motor insurances in India where it serves millions with its efficient insurance policies. The company offers various attractive discount packages and offers to its consumers. It has tailor made its policies and streamlined it for easy usage of the consumers.
  • HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance
    The insurance solutions offered by the HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance is not only restricted to the automobile field but also spills over to home, travel, personal and health as well. The zero dep car coverage offered by the company has no associated surprises and provides optimum support to the consumers. For a better protection and flexibility of operations one can opt for this insurance policy. Entire expended amount can be claimed and settled on the eve of a collision or an accident. Hence, no loss is incurred by the owner of the vehicle.
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Author: Sanjeev ( Auto Insurance Expert )

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