Before buying used bikes in India

We all dream for a glam ride and the first option for that becomes the bike,but may be due the reason of affordability, some of us still lean towards buying a second bike or a car,but it is very important to take a full proofed precaution before to nominate yourself in buying a second bike. If you are not mechanically sound then it is advisable to take professional or any reliable agent to verify each and every thing especially the procedures. Through this article we are going to give you some of the helpful tips rather can be said some of the precaution pills that will help to overcome problems in future. So, just have a thorough look to under mentioned points.


Set-up and the size:

While buying a second hand bike you should be very much planned and well aware about the requirements. You have to know such things like, what you will choose a big bike or a small bike. It will be better if you choose a small size bike because for a big size bike the clearance between the bar and the groin is at least 4 inches as a result of which it can give you an uncomfortable feeling. So, before investing, be clear about these things and remember that there is no use of investing on something which will not give you pleasure. For the traditional bikes also there are only a few inches of gap between the clearance and the groin.

Is it worth in buying?

It is important to think before you invest. Always remember one thing that maintaining a bike requires a lot of money for example bent cracks, worn wheels, and buckled wheels are a matter of huge cost, and these are the most defects or problems that are seen in most of the second hand bikes. So, before buying, you should check these problems very carefully so that in near future you don’t face any problem. If necessary you can carry one mechanic with you to have a thorough check. It is advisable not to buy too old bikes as you recurring maintenance will be a lot.

Look at history.

Whenever you are going to buy any second vehicle especially bike be careful and obviously look at the history, whether the bike is stolen or not.Check the papers of the bike do not compromise with the authentication of the bike. For your satisfaction you can also for the test drive if there is any kind of doubt that you feel walk away from that.

Look at the condition:

Before buying a second hand bike you should check the checklist of the bike. The first and the foremost thing is the condition of the bike especially look at the tyres whether cracked or not, the colour or the paint of the bike whether rusted or not, whether the frame of the bike is dented or not.


Before buying a second hand car you should have a thorough servicing of the bike like repairing of the rusted brakes, the rims or the frames of the wheels or the wheel chains. Add lubricants for the smooth use of the bike.

Accessories and papers:

This part is very much important, before buying you should check the accessories like toolkits, tyre repairing kit and most importantly the papers, you should check and verify the papers and you should collect it beforehand.

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